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                      DECODE YOUR LIFRSTYLE
In 2019 two founders Sandhya NL and Maniteja Jannu designed a website called www.sanquilla.com to facilitate several DNA consultations.Later the bussiness domain was moved into www.dietofdna.com. As a rapid growth we started initially with one collection center and forwaded we expanded in entire Bangalore urban region with food delivery system. Sandhyaventures Pvt ltd is the parent company for Diet of Dna.

Investments , Partnerships and Acquisitions
* By late 2020,the company raises Funding from angel investors to expand it operations.

* Diet of Dna has partnered with well established diagnostics lab 

 * No acquisitions at present


     Our company is one of the integrated producer and exporter of shelf stable qaulity aquaculture product.We supply our ready to  cook products to a diversified customer base consisting of  local distributors,Retail chains and restaurants spread across the developed markets of India.Our output majorly comprises of variant called Vannnammei shrimp(White shrimp)  and sold under brand owned by our parent company  Sandhyaventures pvt ltd

     Our company operates in Andhrapradesh which is most favourable state in country for Aquaculture bussiness. For over twenty years our promoters have been associated with Aqua culture bussiness in Andhra pradesh.Our company commenced operations and started its first Vanammei prawn culture on April 9th  2020

Board of Directors

Sandhya NL and Maniteja Jannu are the Board of directors responsible for making strategic decisions and decisions relating to bussiness development and overall administration of the operations of our company.

Investment Portfolio

The company raised undisclosed amount from the internal investor and bootstrapped with the funds allocated from board of directors.

Farming Procedure we follow
 Our Shrimp farming process is divided into following:
  * Pond Preparation
  * Bio -security measures
  *Water Filling
  * Shrimp Stocking and feeding
  * Maintainence of Oxygen levels in the ponds with the help of sufficient aerators
  * Managing the levels of water parameters along with mineral content
  * Harvesting
Shrimp in the pond are feed qaulity formulated feed.At different levels of growth of shrimp,different size of feed is used.Daily feed qauntities are calculated based on estimates of density,mean individual prawn weight,survival and body weight  peercentage to feed. To prevent mortality or diseases,probiotics are used.Feeding would be done 4-5 times a day and aerators would be stopped during those times .We also manage the levels of water parameters along with mineral content at all times.

One of our production farm

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